Bespoke Calligrapher & Card Maker


In late 2016, I left my career as Head Butler to The Duke & Duchess of Marlborough at Blenheim Palace to spend time developing a small calligraphy business. The result is what you see now, as a welcome visitor to my website. DUCKETT Calligraphy is my intoxicating little world of fine correspondence: greetings cards, notelets and Regency-period letters, produced using traditional dip pens, ink with mediaeval recipes, steel nibs, hot wax seals and finest 100% cotton paper. I never use computer finishing, printers or printing: all of my work is personally designed, hand-written and hand-cut, from start to finish, down to the last envelope. For this reason, I hold no stock but make everything to order.


So, why have I made pen-and-paper correspondence my passion, in a world where communication has become so immediate and throw-away? It is simple: we have a much greater need for it and, I think, a keener appreciation of it. Computers and the internet have given so much good. But what they replace is not wholly deserving of anihilation because, even though our communication is far more efficient than ever before, we have lost - by the back door - much genuine beauty to the computer screen. Hand-written correspondence is still the Rolls Royce of communication: it requires thought and time to produce, it bursts with character and individuality, there is ceremony involved in the receiving of mail, and it is something that we can hold, open, pore over and keep, unlike an email. Not only that, penmanship used to be something we taught our children as a basic discipline, as a yardstick and preparation for other aspects of life that they would encounter, later on. It was something they could master and bring with them anywhere they liked, as a kind of artistic appendage to their character. Much, if not all, of this has been lost.


My business does swim against the tide of popular culture and technological progression. But for me, this is no bad thing, and I warmly invite you to join me in these sentiments. We all like to receive beautiful, handmade craftsmanship from time to time, something unique that means a lot, something that has travelled to get to you, something too beautiful to throw away. This is what DUCKETT Calligraphy is for: to redefine the art of receiving something exquisite in the post, and to offer my customers a form of communication that remains refined, artistc, rewarding and unique. My workmanship is incomparable to the printed cards available at the usual high-street retailers.


I hope you enjoy my website and in particular the gallery and shop, where you can see many examples of my workmanship. As a bespoke calligrapher, I'm happy to make whatever you want, so please do contact me if you can't see what you're looking for.


As a small UK business, I appreciate your interest and support and I hope I will have the opportunity to produce something beautiful for someone close to you.



Stephen Duckett

Owner & Scribe

Duckett Calligraphy

September, 2017