Bespoke Calligrapher & Card Maker



DUCKETT is getting people thinking differently about greetings cards. So, before you read on, please clear your mind of any notion of high-street card shops, mass-produced printed cards made from cheap pulp, and machine-cut envelopes glued together. This is a strictly hand-written zone!


Yes, you heard it: as a traditional calligrapher who loves historic methods and tools, I make each and every greetings card by hand, specifically for each client. Because of this, there is absolutely no printing - my studio doesn't even have a printer! Your card is made by sizing and hand-folding some of the UK's finest 100% cotton paper - produced in the same mill since the 1700s, and  hand-writing the card using fine historic ink and dip pens. Because only exquisite products leave my studio, I even make sure your envelope is made bespoke, just for you. Using my favourite pair of teflon shears, I hand cut each envelope from premium paper, and round-edge the corners to finish it off, adding a self-seal sticker or strip.


Within the industry, my cards represent the very summit of luxury greetings cards, and are each a work of art, designed to be treasured for life. I have been pleased to feature in Spears, the High-Net-Worth community magazine, and the luxury lifestyle magazine Eat Love Savor. That said, for the last year I have worked hard to reduce the cost of my online products, so that most of my cards retail at just £4.95 or under, including UK postage.


As well as greetings cards, I also produce wedding calligraphy, framed quotes, namecards / placecards, adhesive nameplates, Regency style folded letters, and any bespoke calligraphy commission. If you browse my shop but still can't find your heart's desire, please email me to make a request - I am after all a bespoke calligrapher. By all means check out my gallery for inspiration.


As heavily as we all lean on computers, a lot of the charater, individuality and beauty of correspondence has been lost. Yet we all like to receive beautiful, handmade craftsmanship from time to time, something unique that means a lot, something that has travelled to get to you, something too beautiful to throw away. This is what DUCKETT Calligraphy is for: to redefine the art of receiving something exquisite in the post, and to offer you a form of communication that remains refined, artistc, rewarding and unique. My workmanship is incomparable to the printed cards available at the usual high-street retailers. I have been described as a late 18th century version of Moonpig; I think that says it all!


So, next time you need to send a card, up-spec to ultra luxe, and get in touch. It'll be exciting to make something special for you.