Bespoke Calligrapher & Card Maker

Remember, I never make prints - so when you order this card, it will have been created from scratch, just for you. I use a poster nib to write 'Love You', and encase the design in a carefully drawn circle, using India ink. At the centre, and against the black, I add a brightly shining golden star and finish the lettering with gold highlights. The paper is fine quality 300gm watecolour paper, hot-pressed for an ultra smooth finish. One or several of the edges will be carefully rip-edged to add gorgeous texture to your card.
'Love you circle' card & envelope
Shakespeare knew a thing or two about love, and here's the Great Bard describing that first meeting between two kindred spirits. Iron Gall ink with an historic recipe, hand-lettered with a dip pen... minimal golden bobbles around the quote that glint in the light... gorgeous paper with tactile deckle edges, to show off the rich cotton fibres... a matching envelope sized, folded and cut by hand... what's not to like?
'When I saw you' Shakespeare card & envelope
This handwritten card is achieved through simplicity - just two components: Copperplate script including delicate tendrils, and luxurious golden bobbles around the text. These, which are applied with a small brush, catch the light to make the card shine brightly, at certain angles. This is one of the benefits of gold on a card, because as the page is turned - or as you walk past it - the words 'light up'.
'Happy Birthday' Gold Bobbles card & envelope
Written with thick ink on delicate laid paper, these cards have a rather delicate quality to them. All of my cards have a tactile quality to them, partly because I choose to write minimally using exceptionally fine materials. This card, with its fibrous deckle-edges and an occasional watermark, is no exception.
'Thank You' card and envelope - Laid Paper
No message is more important than this one. To some people, it's just what they need to hear; to others, it will literally keep them going. This one is written in blue ink using a poster nib, but choose your favourite colour from the dropdown. The script is based on Gaelic, but each letter is pinched to give a more rectangular look. The paper is made in an historic English mill and is deckle-edged to show off the fibrous quality of the cotton it is made from.
'You Are Loved' card and envelope
Here's a little ancient inspiration for a modern world. These words of St Jerome have been hand-written using Iron Gall ink, and applied with a dip pen onto sumptuous cotton paper milled in an historic English paper mill. Just like the card, the envelope too is completely handcrafted in my studio, from start to finish.
'Good Better Best' card and envelope
As far as inspiration goes, this is a difficult word to beat. Ideal for graduations, get wells, change of homes, new jobs, and many other occasions, each and every one of these 'Flourish' cards is written individually, by hand, using richly coloured ink. The paper is 100% cotton, produced at an historic English paper mill. There is a choice of colours in the dropdown.
'Flourish' card and envelope
These are the custest cards around, designed to make use of the small offcuts of exquisite paper in my studio. Ideal to leave on a desk or dressing table for someone to find, these little chaps could also accompany a gift.
Miniature Love You card and envelope
Please, don't be thinking this is the work of a computer or printer... each and every card is hand-written from scratch, and this card is certainly swirling with beautiful words. Because each card is made to order, the swirls of words vary slightly, every time I make one.
'Blessing Swirls' card and envelope
Handwritten in a colour of your choice, these cards are super bespoke. When you order, let me know the name you want me to write. The paper is gorgeous, tactile cotton paper produced in an historic mill in Wells, UK, with soft deckle edges and, sometimes, a well-placed watermark bearing the paper's name 'Saunders Waterford' (as in photograph).
Personalized Name Greetings card & Envelope
Sometimes, people need a little encouragement. These words of Julien of Norwich will do the trick. They remind us that nothing stays the same, everything changes.
All will be well - card and envelope
We all slip up sometimes. This tiny card, with an approximate size of 120x90mm, is the perfect way of saying it. Ideal for leaving on someone's bedside table, or on their desk, this card is written in Copperplate using historic ink, and comes in a hand-made envelope from my studio.
Oops; card and envelope
This Good Luck card is hand-written in copperplate script, and the text surrounded with red and gold bobbles. The paper is 100% cotton, milled in the UK, with deckle-edged sides to give a rich texture to the card. The envelope is shaped and cut by hand in my studio, specifically for the card it houses. On the back of the envelope is a wax seal.
Good Luck
This little congrats card is hand-written on finest cotton paper and presented in a hand-cut envelope... yes, even the envelope is crafted bespoke. The paper is deckle-edged to give an extra special texture, and the application of ink creates lovely variations in the shade of each letter.
Congrats; card and envelope
as the song has it, sorry is definitely the hardest word. We all need to say it sometimes, so this makes a great card, and a lovely thought for someone in your life. Available in chestnut brown, forest green or red.
'Sorry' Gaelic card and envelope
An 'upgrade' on the gaelic-style sorry card available in my shop, this card is super special. Lots of work goes into making this greetings just perfect. First of all, the word is written in Copperplate script onto gorgeous cotton paper, using a dip pen. Once dry, this is adhered onto another, slightly larger piece of paper which, in turn, is adhered to the main card. The result is a thick, weighty greetings card, though still itself quiet small. Delicate golden bobbles are then added around the word - my trademark form of gentle, understated embellishment.
'Sorry' Copperplate card and envelope
This card takes the words 'thank you', and arranges them in a circle. The paper is gorgeous, thin, Japanese paper, deckle-edged. The lettering is my own adapted form of Gaelic script. I use lustrous chestnut ink which stands out beautifully on the off-white paper. Blank inside, there's plenty of space for you to write a message. The envelope is also completely handmade, hand-cut, just for you.
Thank you roundel; card & envelope - handwritten from scratch
These Thank You cards are written in rich acrylic ink, so that the letters have their own personalities, and not one card is the same. The paper is cotton and handmade. I've even laboured over the envelope, which has been hand-cut and shaped in my studio, specifically for each card.
Thank You; card and envelope
As far as important messages go, this has to be at the top of the list. So, to make an impression, I've used a steel nib to apply shiny gold ink that stands proud off the page; it even sparkles when it catches the light. The luscious cotton paper is soft and thick, and produced in an historic English paper mill, down south.
Love You
Like all my products, every single one of these Jane Austen cards is hand-written, hand-cut & hand-folded. There may therefore be slight variations in the size and the flow of script, and the use of embellishments.
'Jane Austen' card and envelope

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My cards are produced and written by hand, from scratch, for each and every client.


No computer-finishing, no printing, no templates, no prints... just finest cotton paper, historic ink and a lot of steel nibs.


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