Bespoke Calligrapher & Card Maker

When these two words are placed together, they can do great things. Which is why my thank you cards are in high demand. Yes, it is easy to buy a flimsy, printed card from the high street, but mine are purpose-designed to leave your recipient in no doubt about your sentiments of gratitude. Each letter is hand-written using a poster nib dipped in rich pigmented ink, and the paper is soft, fibrous and thick like a cotton towel... and so it should be, because the paper I use is 100% cotton, milled in England, and the best you can buy.
Thank You
As far as important messages go, this has to be at the top of the list. So, to make an impression, I've used a steel nib to apply shiny gold ink that stands proud off the page; it even sparkles when it catches the light. The luscious cotton paper is soft and thick, and produced in an historic English paper mill, down south.
Love You
Like all my products, every single one of these Jane Austen cards is hand-written, hand-cut & hand-folded. There may therefore be slight variations in the size and the flow of script, and the use of embellishments.
Jane Austen