Bespoke Calligrapher & Card Maker

* Required

We all know the online card ordering sites. They make life easier. But they're nothing akin to Craftsman's Dispatch. You can forget the basic card material, the computer printing and the nasty, machined envelope. Mine is a world of rich gold leaf, exquisite cotton paper milled in Somerset, hot sealing wax, mediaeval ink recipes and all sorts of strangely shaped tools scattered around my studio. The result? a soft, weighty, inexpressibly tactlie sentiment caught on paper and impossible to throw away. It's true, if the late 18th century had a card ordering service, this would be it.


Basically, you prepay for an agreed annual number of small-guage cards, then I do it all for you: remind you two weeks before each card date by email;  make each card; write the exterior, copy your internal message with beautiful copperplate script, seal it in my own hand-cut envelope made from finest laid vellum paper, and pop it in the post.


All you need to do is use the form on the right of the page to tell me a few things:


1. How many cards shall I provide you with each year?


2. What are they for? Birthdays, anniversaries? Might you keep a couple of card orders aside, just in case something crops up? In which case, you can just write 'spare' on the form, and tell me closer to the time.


3. You may like the recipient to receive their card in the post, with a gorgeously written address Or do you want to give it yourself? I wouldn't blame you, in which case I write just the name on the envelope, and send the completed card in the post to you, in a seperate envelope.


Once I receive your form, I'll reply to you with a proper introduction, and we can sort out the specifics of your first year: what you want the cards to say, the kind of colours you like, etc. A craftsman making one-off cards just for you, sending them on your behalf and even sending you reminders... welcome to Craftsman's Dispatch.


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