Bespoke Calligrapher & Card Maker

Created especially with wedding vows in mind, each of these little scrolls is cut, written and rolled by hand and tied with paper. Just like Olivia's scroll (pictured below - click on each picture to enlarge), they are perfect for wedding vows, and ideal for proposals, love letters, thank you messages and any other special event. Also, as first wedding anniversaries are represented by paper, my scrolls are the premier luxury gift for your one-year-long spouse.  


Once you tell me what to write, I take a steel-nibbed dip pen and capture your message on finest cotton paper, using historic Iron Gall ink. As in the photographs, I pick out some of the key words in a slightly larger script, and add some very gentle embellishments, in line with my generally minimal style. On my scrolls, I specifically don't guide-rule my lines of text, because I want you to appreciate that these cards have nothing to do with computer design - each is delicately hand-written; you will see the gentle undulations of each line of text.


If you're not entirely sure of the words you'd like, I can help you to find a beautiful text, or offer suggestions.


My calligraphy is all about touch and feel. The paper I use for my scrolls is 100% cotton, produced at an historic paper mill in Wells, UK, and the corners are deckle-edged to enhance the sumptuous, tactile quality of the 190gm paper. There may even be a watermark somewhere. The handcut paper tie is made from the same beautiful paper.


To order, simply email me the message you'd like written, and I'll get started. My aim is to help make your day memorable, and I think nothing does this better than a bespoke scroll, which will become a treasured, lifetime keepsake.


Each scroll measures 8cm tall x 38cm long (measurements are approximate as each scroll is hand-produced for each client)


£24.50 each, including postage within UK, Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

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